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Ich Liebe Drei


Bansky is back in the UK 

Splenda will be excited



I want this so much..
-Sugar Mama

Sugar Mama is moving into a different house and usually the one who keeps up with SPL.

Sorry for the slacking.

Sugar Mama






I used to work in fast food. This is wonderful.

My daughter actually wanted an Adventure Time toy when they had them a few months back, so I simply asked “May we have the Adventure Time instead of your designated girl toy” “but…it is for a girl though?” “Does that matter? We would like an Adventure time toy”

I am very happy that this is happening! Let kids choose the toy based on their preference, not their assigned sexes. -Sugar Mama


Taking more new photos for the shop this morning! ^.^


Saturday was a very sweet special day. Our second sugar cube had a birthday. She is getting to be a big girl, and I had to miss the special event. I have actually missed all of her birthdays.  All day I watched facebook posts and pictures of the sweet day, with everyone smiling, and Equal home , and Splenda looking beautiful, and instead of feeling overwhelmingly joyful and excited , I was just sad and wanted to cry all day.

     I was jealous, and bitter about feeling jealousy. This is the first time that I have encountered jealousy in our relationship. On this day of all days! I want to be apart of this family. I want to be involved in holidays, and welcome homes, and everyday life. I feel like I am being forgotten. That I am out of sight out of mind. I know it is mostly my own paranoia, but my heart simply hurts all the time recently.  I beat myself up more because I feel these ways.

 There is simply nothing I can say or do to make this better. 3,000 miles away is very very far, and I don’t know how to cope with myself or my broken heart over something I haven’t even lost.

-Sugar Mama 

We are on this journey of life and love together. We find out who we are and who we want to be with. I choose both of you.

I love three.
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A Polyfidelitous Triad

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Thank You everyone for all the support we have already received already!

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